Science Community and Food Distributors

Professionals in the science community have immensely different careers and expertise compared to professionals in the world of food distribution. Those in the science community with a desire to apply nutritional studies towards fighting disease and combating obesity have a tough time cooperating with food distributors who have a main focus on cost efficiency, profit, and public appeal. Most of these food scientists actually work for large food distributing companies and do not contain much say into what food is dispersed among society. Since most nutritionally ‘labelled’ foods are considered expensive and much of the science community works underneath food distributors, these scientists must find a way to work around the issue. A few feasible solutions to this problem might be for the science community to present nutritional foods which are cost effective for the distributors as well as bring in plausible amounts of profit to the company. Through this effort with communication between food distributors and the science community, both parties can be satisfied as well as assist their customers in their strive for a healthier way of living.

As a governmentally funded and organized app, our hopes are that the app would become extremely popular and common among the public. If the app were to reach these heights, it would definitely be in food distributor’s best interest to cater to the recommendations and suggestions of the governmental team running the app. Therefore, food corporations and the scientists on the app team would need to be in constant contact, and our app would hopefully help to curb (or redirect) some of the profit motives of these large companies.