Proposed Solution

In this digital age, we propose that the most effective way to communicate greatest number of people is through technology, especially in handheld devices. Our physical, proposed solution involves implementing improved communication through a mobile application. It will be tailored for all age groups to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle habits. It would serve as a user-friendly interface between physicians, nutritionists, and patients that does not currently exist.

All versions of the app will include the following:

  • Examination/input of family history and/or risks of disease
  • Genetic information (eventually in the future?)
  • MyPlate interactive screen
  • Each user of the app would be assigned both a nutritionist and a clinician
  • Ability for nutritionist and clinician to view their client’s profile and make recommendations for food intake and activity directly through the application
  • Daily calendar to review nutrition and activity history

From our research, we’ve determined that it is nearly impossible to produce a single application that would appeal to individuals of all ages and lifestyles. The following groups would have their own individualized version of the application that can best articulate the nutrition support being communicated:

  • Children
    • More visually appealing and less effort required to still accomplish the overall goals of the application in positively impacting their daily life.
    • Includes games that are informative and attention-grabbing for adolescents. These games would assist and promote children to recording nutritional data and strive for a healthier way of living.
    • Incorporates weekly challenges or goals to motivate children into being more independent and driven towards improving their own health.
    • Possibly become integrated with school curriculum to encourage use of the app.


  •  Adults/Parents
    • Ability to link with child’s profile, remain updated on progress and receive alerts.
    • Displays more detailed information that the average adult would find useful and easy to understand without prior education in the human sciences.
    • Allows for more personalization in the nutrition advice being received.
    • Has a variety of exercises/workouts available for the adults to do.
    • Capability to input the amount of exercise completed and calculate the amount of calories lost.
    • Access to healthy recipes, the ingredients involved, and the nutrition information associated with the final product.
    • If allergic to a certain ingredient, suggestions will be available to replace it.
    • Exposure to different types of diets (Paleo, Mediterranean, etc.).
    • Could include integration with wearable technology in the future as advancements are made in that branch to improve ease of use.


  • Athletes (Amateur and Professional)
    • Specific data to help athletes maintain in shape, attain muscle mass, or sustain weight.
    • Addressing caliber of skill range in athleticism.
    • Ability of “Daily Calendar” to predict when an athlete would heal from an injury. Nutritionist or clinician would be able to change recommendations based on the injury.


  • Senior (55+)
    • Include other health information regarding blood pressure and inputs to address aging health concerns, as well as altering dietary methods.
    • A record of doctors visits and easier ways of access to contact physicians with to address health concerns.

Ultimately, all of the information in the app could be recorded and used as a research tool. Ideally, a child (or thousands/millions of children) would begin using the app at a young age, such as the incorporated curriculum at the beginning of elementary school. It would hopefully become second nature to input data on a daily basis, or the parents would aid in this process until the child is able to do it on their own. Therefore, the app would supply a large amount of detailed data that can be conducted through for an entire lifetime and used to further contribute to our understanding of how nutrition affects overall health.