Food Distributors and Government

govt    Economic incentives often dominate the food distribution industry, with companies inducing dietary trends and fads to produce profit. In order to reduce the amount of misinformation lurking on advertisements and cereal boxes, governmental regulation must be considered. Before anything receives the stamp of FDA approval, any food product should receive a stamp nutritional approval. Products should receive some sort of nutritional score approved by clinicians and nutritionists, as well as an intake suggestion comparative to a persons size. A more easy to read nutritional guide may assist in educating the public how the product may negatively or positively impact their bodies. Similar to laws regarding medication, the commercialization of any food product must include the dietary risks associated with its consumption.

Since the main interaction between food distributors and the government revolves around regulation and health standards (such as the FDA ), as people potentially begin to follow the app and use it daily, food distributors would be able to better adjust their food labeling and nutritional content to fit the recommendations of the app.