Software Engineering

When it comes approaching the obesity epidemic and the increasing health problems associated with it, biological related fields are not the only keys that are essential when unlocking the issue.

In order to produce adequate research, software engineers are called to synthesize information and generate computational programs that assist nutritionists and clinicians when studying patients.

abdo-ct-normA classic example of this relationship resides with the rise in the popularity of doctors utilizing CT scans when diagnosing patients. In order to collect data that reflects a person’s diet, doctors rely on these scans as means studying how malnutrition affects the body. The larger a patient is, however, the more radiation it takes to develop decent cross-sectional images of their body. In order to decrease the amount of harmful radiation intake, software engineers designed a program that would take in a given individual’s inputs in order to produce the lowest amount of radiation required for substantial photographs to be taken.

When it comes to drafting a solution, software engineers provide the tools necessary for nutritional and biological research. They possess the ability to produce a technological medium to store data and manipulate it in various ways. As simple computations became more accessible with the implementation of the calculator, with improved technology, solving the obesity issue becomes more tangible moving forward.