Group Assignment #3

Prompt: Define and summarize the roadblocks that exist in your challenge as they relate to translation from basic research to broad application of a solution.

Roadblocks: Improving Nutrition to Combat Disease and Obesity

  The ideal solution proposed by our group involves the improvement of nutritional communication on three levels: from nutritionists to clinicians, the scientific community to food distributors, and from the government to food distributors and the general public. While the solution to this problem would be easy to implement in a utopian world full of honesty, this unfortunately is not the reality of the situation. In turn, there are a few major roadblocks that exist in the dissemination of knowledge about nutrition including profit motives and access to recommended foods.

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Group Assignment #2

Prompt: Define and summarize the relevant interfaces between disciplines that exist in your challenge.

Interfaces Between Disciplines: Improving Nutrition to Combat Disease and Obesity

Nutritionists/food scientists and clinicians:

An instance of this interdisciplinary intersection lies within the nutritionist and clinical realm of research. This relationship is formed when the nutritionist/food scientist discovers foods and diets that work with the majority of people and when the clinician must create an individualized, healthier lifestyle for their client. In order for this transaction to occur, the clinician must consult with the nutritionist to develop a well-rounded diet that would be suit each of their clients, and in order for nutritionists to disperse their research and discovers within the public eye, they must share their knowledge with the clinician. The entire exchange of information relies on a symbiotic relationship with the nutritionists making dietary discoveries and the clinician utilizing the research to construct healthy routines for clients to incorporate within their lifestyles. Nutritionists and clinicians are unable to thrive without one another, which makes each role vital to the process of improving nutrition to combat different diseases and obesity.

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Group Assignment #1

Prompt: Define and summarize the knowledge gaps associated with your particular challenge.

Knowledge Gaps: Improving Nutrition to Combat Disease and Obesity

  When looking at the plethora of news magazines and the spread of unscientifically backed media, it becomes an incredulously task to decipher the direct correlation between sufficient nutrition and a healthy diet. With nearly any journalist possessing the capability to publish seemingly convincing information, the top results from the average search engine can be deceiving. A simple Google search possesses the ability to showcase misleading research, crafting the most ultimate knowledge gap of all: an echo chamber of misinformation.

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