Striving for a Healthier Living

Nutrition Myth vs. Fact

  • “Red meat is terrible for your health.”
  • “Avoid anything white, and you’ll be completely fine.”
  • “Diets with higher fat intake result in the same or more weight loss than with low-fat diets.”
  • “Highly processed foods are the cause of cardiovascular problems, diabetes and other health related diseases.”

These myths, among others, demonstrate a significant obstacle in solving our grand challenge, which is to improve nutrition in order combat disease and obesity. While research is currently being conducted in these areas and some truth may be present, we use the term myths to describe these recommendations because they are all too often followed as absolute truths. Communication among scientists, between the scientists, and the public are lacking, which causes detrimental discord to the overall goal of reducing nationwide health problems. Explore the tabs along the top of the website to learn about our proposed solutions and approaches to the problem as a group and as individuals.

This site consolidates all the information gathered throughout the Fall 2015 semester at Chapman University. To view the group assignments associated with the Honors 389 Science Blender class, visit our Assignments page. The Media page displays a number of online sources depicted in various mediums that help convey our solution. Since our group covers a diverse range of majors within Chapman University, the Interdisciplinary Approaches page delves into each one as it relates to the grand challenge as a whole. To explore the research further, the Sources page has links to print and web articles used throughout the site. For information on the individuals who contributed to this project, visit The Scientists page.